Agape (ah-GAH-pee) Assistance


100% of online donations received will go to Agape Assistance: the non-profit organization Lynn created and leads under God's direction. 

Should you feel led to make a separate free will offering to Lynn Hardy, please make the check out to her and send it by post to: 

Lynn Hardy

PO Box 234

Star, Idaho  83669 (USA)

If you have an account, you may also do the following:

        a.    Click on “Send Money” then click on "To friend or family"
        b.    Type in this email address:  LynnHardyCOH@gmail.com
        c.    Type in the amount God tells you to give
        d.    Under “Special Instructions” you can leave a comment. 



To give internationally, fill out the form below. Choose your American dollar amount, however you will still be charged in your country's currency.