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Thank you for your support of Agape Christian Fellowship. Your tithes and offering will help us reach more of God's children!

About the pastor of Agape CF:

I was called into the five-fold ministry of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel. This is not something I chose, but something I have been chosen for. My journey with God began back in 2001 when I heard the audible voice of God. Over the next 13 years I was healed - instantly, miraculously - three times and have seen angels and demons on multiple occasions.


In 2013, through several miraculous signs, God showed me that He was calling me to visit Jesus in Heaven.  Then in 2018 Agape Christian Fellowship was launched. This is a new type of church that is based online where believers can connect all around the world. The Courts of Heaven Academy can be found there. This FREE course will help you build a solid foundation concerning the revelation about the Courts of Heaven.

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