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RAPE: America's Dirty Little Secret

by Lynn Hardy and Kelly Lowe


In America, 1 out of 4 women will fall victim to some form of sexual assault in her lifetime, many of whom will report the attack and learn, first-hand about the gaping holes in our justice system where sexual assault is concerned.


The truth about rape has been hidden in the dark for far too long. Every man, woman, and teenager needs to be intimately aware of the myths and misconceptions that are currently causing us to lose the war against rape as we seek justice for its victims.


In this book, four women step forward to share their stories about the brutality of rape and the effects that the sexual attack had on them personally.

  • Kelly Lowe - a U.S. veteran who served in Afghanistan, leads the charge: She reveals in graphic detail not only the attack she experienced after returning home, but the failure of the country she fought to protect to bring justice to what is an open-and-shut case of rape.

  • Lynn Hardy - an Amazon Kindle bestselling author, has stepped forward to organize the book as she shares her story to expose the realities of "date rape."

  • Marie Smith - exposes how rape was perceived by the generations before the "sexual revolution"

  • Deborah Huffman - relives the brutal attack and the attitude that surrounded rape during the 1070's

It is time for a new revolution!


America has long been the champion for equal rights throughout the world. While progress has been made, victory remains out of reach as it pertains to this pervasive social affliction. The battle can be won, but not without a more united country. Both women and men need to be better informed on the subject so they can stand together to help change the way the world sees and responds to rape.

Inside these pages, find the brutal truth about women, sex, and rape in America!