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Free Books

All "God" books are free. Click on the book go to that book's page where it can be ordered.

On these pages are links to the eBooks and PDFs of the books as well.

During the first part of her walk with God, Lynn Hardy  has…


  • Heard the voice of God

  • Received two undeniable physical signs from God

  • Seen angels and demons on thirteen separate occasions

  • Been healed three times from serious and fully documented medical conditions


Angels Believe in You describes Lynn's journey with God which led her to believe that Jesus wishes her to visit Him in Heaven. 


To Heaven and Back Again is a step by step account of Lynn's experiences as she learns to meditate and hear from God; including detailed descriptions of Heaven and her encounter with Jesus, the only begotten Son of God.

Why Doesn't God Speak to Me? shows why God seems to speak louder to some people and how you can hear more clearly from God.


Believers' Boot Camp Series


Many people think of boot camp as a place you train for combat. Any veteran will tell you that basic training is about three things:


  • Knowing what weapons are available

  • Learning how to use those weapons

  • Receiving orders and following them


Believers’ Boot Camp series, published in 2016–2017, is a collection of books I authored, which teach us how to hear more clearly from God with the goal to ready ourselves for a face-to-face meeting with our Lord, Jesus. The series reveals the “weapons and tools” God has given us and how to use them, so we can bring God’s kingdom to Earth. Each book in the series focuses on a single topic to clearly define one tool or weapon from our Heavenly Father.

The series uses the Word of God to reveal all that He has given us through Jesus. The Bible is our instruction manual and the Holy Spirit is our guide to understanding it.

May God flood the eyes of your heart with understanding so that you can know and understand all



The Series

RAPE: America's Dirty Little Secret

by Lynn Hardy and Kelly Lowe


In America, 1 out of 4 women will fall victim to some form of sexual assault in her lifetime, many of which will report the attack and learn, first-hand about the gaping holes in our justice system where sexual assault is concerned.
The truth about rape has been hidden in the dark for far too long. Every man, woman, and teenager needs to be intimately aware of the myths and misconceptions that are currently causing us to lose the war against rape as we seek justice for its victims. 
In this book, four women step forward to share their stories about the brutality of rape and the effects that the sexual attack had on them personally. One such victim, Kelly Lowe, a U.S. combat veteran who served in Afghanistan, leads the charge: She reveals in graphic detail not only the attack she experienced after returning home, but the failure of the country she fought to protect to bring justice to what is an open-and-shut case of rape. 


America has long been the champion for equal rights throughout the world. While progress has been made, victory remains out of reach as it pertains to this pervasive social affliction. The battle can be won, but not without a more united country. Both women and men need to be better informed on the subject so they can stand together to help change the way the world sees and responds to rape. 
Also included in “Rape: America’s Dirty Little Secret” are a variety of support resources currently available to women from national hotlines to free counseling and legal

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