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Remaining Free in the Courts of Heaven

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Gaining Freedom

Being a child of God has certain privileges, among them is the ability to come boldly before His throne where He presides as the just and honorable Judge over Heaven and Earth. In order to take your rightful place in the Courts of Heaven (CoH), you must first understand your authority. If you trespass outside your authority, Satan may prevent you from seeing or hearing in the Courts, thus hampering your ability to effectively operate in the CoH.

This book assumes you have completed the Academy Workbook: Courts of Heaven Foundations which establishes the key components necessary for operating in the CoH. This second workbook, Remaining Free in the Courts of Heaven continues with:

  • a basic knowledge about authority that is necessary to operate in the CoH
  • an outline of the procedures to enter the Courts and approach God as Judge
  • how Satan’s top two generals, Leviathan and Jezebel, gain access into our lives

In addition to these necessities, you will discover the most common cause of attacks that hinder God’s children from being free of sickness, disease and other types of interference from the enemy. Some of these attacks may even affect our children. These truths were revealed by thousands of visits to the Courts of Heaven with hundreds of petitioners.

In order to receive positive results, we must understand what authority has been granted to us through Jesus in the Courts of Heaven. Before you begin this workbook, you will need a basic, underlying knowledge of what the Courts of Heaven are and why we have a right to be there.


Please consider reading the short book “Destroying Curses in the Courts of Heaven” by Lynn Hardy before completing this workbook, which explains in greater detail the terminology of the Courts used here. The Academy series brings a deeper understanding of the material, but the basic foundational information provided by the Courts of Heaven book is necessary.

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