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Courts of Heaven Foundations

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Believers' Boot Camp: Courts of Heaven Academy
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Courts of Heaven Academy

The Courts of Heaven are the highest place of authority in all of Heaven and Earth. Operating in your rightful place as a child of the Most High should not be taken lightly. Would you barge into an earthly court and try to represent yourself? The results may be disastrous.

After publishing "Destroying Curses in the Courts of Heaven" it became apparent that many Christians needed a bit more guidance to gain the freedom our Lord paid for. The Agape Christian Fellowship prayer team entered the Courts of Heaven more than 2000 times in the first year. Many miracles occurred, including a woman who remains healed of Stage 4 breast cancer today. For every person who had and who kept a miraculous breakthrough, there were a dozen who did not.

The Lord asked us to create an online school to help teach His people what they needed to know to gain freedom and remain free. The Courts of Heaven (CoH) Academy at our website is completely FREE - we do not ask for donations to access any part of our online school or the materials you will need because it is freely given under the principles of Matthew 10:8-10. We understand that many would like the material available offline, this is why we are now publishing books based on the courses at the Academy.


The Courts of Heaven Academy series is based on the free online school. The first course in the Academy is "Foundations."

Operating in the Courts of Heaven is more than a new form of prayer. It is the Body of Christ taking our rightful place in Heaven before the throne of God where our spiritual selves will be seen before all of Heaven who wish to attend.

There is some fundamental information that will need before you begin learning about operating in the Courts of Heaven. Based on scripture, these truths will lay a solid foundation for the other courses in the CoH Academy. For this reason, we strongly suggest that the Academy series of books be read in order:

1. Foundations

2. Remaining Free

3. Receiving Charges

4. Removing Charges

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