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Destroying Curses in the Courts of Heaven

Believers' Boot Camp - Volume 3

By Lynn Hardy

The Missing Key

Our rights to appear in the Courts of Heaven has been greatly undervalued. The missing key to our authority is here. Jesus has provided the access and the Bible shows us the court procedures. When we learn to operate in our official role as children of the Most High and citizens of Heaven, the enemy will be defeated and we will see the victory we have prayed for.

Canceling Curses


The death of Jesus freed us from the curse of the law. However, we must declare this freedom just as we must make a declaration for our salvation. 

  • Can curses be passed to our children?

  • What are signs of a curse?

  • How do you get rid of one?


Every answer is backed by scripture. Come and find out how easy it is to be free!

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