Snatched from modern day Earth and thrust into a magical world, the Crusaders of the Light begin their campaign to find and destroy the Demon Gate through which the monstrous hordes are besieging the Kingdom of Cuthburan. Fighting their way across the countryside, the motley band of wannabe heroes are beset on every side by demonic foes. Joined by a common goal to free their land of the evil forces threatening the life of all sentient beings, new alliances are formed with the mythical beings inhabiting the Northern Forest. 


Archmage Reba finds herself morally besieged by Crown Prince Alexandros and his younger brother Prince Szames as she struggles to find a way to be reunited with her husband. The political forces of the Cuthburan court continue to pursue a joining of the Prophesied savior, Reba, with their royal line without respect to vows taken on her home world. Her mettle is tested when reality dawns: Though she is the most powerful person on the planet, the abilities granted upon her arrival may not be enough to protect those closest to her.

Prophecy of the Flame: Book Two

By Lynn Hardy