Baboon - symbolic of acting poorly in social settings 

Baby - Miracle; New Beginnings; New Idea; New Work; Ministry of Church Baby – new beginning, to care for, dependent, helpless, new idea, new work, new direction, innocence, new ministry, sin, natural baby. 1 Corinthians 3:1, 1 Peter 2;2, James 1:14-15 already birthed but not totally matured or shaped yet.  Babies can symbolize a new thing being brought into a person’s life, Isa. 42:9. A baby is also symbolic of a gift from God, Ps. 127:3  


Baby Carriage – the baby already has a way to move around.  New birth; barren women pitied; reproductive; ministry in its infancy stage; helpless; new Christian; baby Christian; new move of God; spiritual immaturity; reward; fruitfulness; new covenant; miracle. (1 Corinthians 3: 1; Gen. 21: 6; 1 Sam. 2: 1-10; 2 Kings 4: 11-17; Gen. 16: 1-6; Ps. 127: 3; Ex. 1: 15-22; 2: 1-10; 1 Peter 2: 2; Heb. 5: 13). Also  symbolic of expecting a child or a new thing in life 

Back - (body part) if a person turns their back on you in a dream this symbolizes an attempt to ignore or dismiss you, Jer. 32:33 Assist, Finance, Endorse, Sponsor, Corroborate, Support, Confirm, Champion, Advocate, Sanction, Fund, Guarantee, Back Bone, Reverse, Flip, Delay, Late, Overdue. Also a body part, support, carry or bear load, behind, rear, return, looking to the past, as a Bride returns to her Groom, keeps back,  negative - shrinks back, unaware, unsuspecting, hidden, memory 


Back Door - Yesterday \ Tomorrow - Front Door 

Backhoe - symbolic of a major renovation or a time of building yourself up in life   

Backpack - symbolic of being a student or carrying too many things around with you 

Backsliding - relapsing into old behavior, Hosea 4:16 


Backstage - symbolic of helping behind the scenes 


Bacon - Ham / Pig - Money, Fat, Pig, Legion / cooked mean’s it’s over  


Bacteria - symbolic of the cause or root of trouble 


Bad breath - to dream of having bad breath can symbolize a poor choice of words during a conversation or being self-conscious.  Foul play; detractor; repulsion; sickness; trap; losing one’s breath: lack of the Holy Spirit, judgment, inability to function or move on, no wind, failure.  


Bad Wold - Dr. Who separation and a different restoration 


Badger - (animal) symbolic of pestering or bothering someone. Success after enduring or battling hardship and difficulties. Also warns against constantly badgering a friend, husband, wife or associate over the same issues. You may feel like someone keeps chewing you out.

  • A person who constantly harasses and annoys to get his/her way.

  • A small, grey animal living in holes in the earth and going about at night, noted for defending its burrow like a knight of old; zealous upholder of a cause or principle; to persuade through constant efforts; living a life of seclusion or quietness 

  • a pun word for badge (one’s sense of worth, identity or belonging): dissociate oneself from an influence

  • a wise person Prov 30:26; keeping oneself undefiled from the world;

  • defender of truth or the work of God; bondservant of Jesus 

  • bold or courageous (badgers are capable of fighting off much larger animals such as wolves and bears; an anointed person; a spiritual warrior, or a powerful deliverance minister (the many venomous snakes in Africa are also consumed with ease by the ferocious African

  • Honey Badger; ministry of inner healing or expounder of God’s Word. Can tunnel after ground-dwelling rodents with amazing speed; gift of discernment (acute sense of smell); divine care and nurturing (newborn badgers live in a nursery chamber for eight weeks): evil spirit; worry; to steal; to annoy persistently; a teasing manner; to pester or harass; and unsettled person (moving from home to home): an undermining force or influence; pun words for badgering people or bad (bad girl or bad guy): hidden work of enemy (underground dweller); slyness. 


Badge - symbolic of authority 

Bag - symbolic of a journey, Isa. 10:28. The contents of the bag will give you more insight into the interpretation of the symbol 


Baggage - sin, wounds; symbolic of the things people drag with them from previous relationships. Baggage is also symbolic of God forcing someone to move, Ezek. 12:6 

Bagpipes - to dream of a windbag instrument can symbolize speech that has no value or a speaker without any credibility, Jer. 5:13 

Bailey – man in charge; Steward; public official. 


Bait - symbolic of a lure or trap, Amos 3:5 


Bakery - symbolic of producing spiritual sustenance for others or being in the service of another, Gen. 40:1 


Baking - Hospitality; God's provision; worship. (Gen. 25: 34; Lev. 26: 26; 23: 17) 


Balance - just weight in judgment, honesty. (Prov 11:1; 16:11; Dan 5:27; Job 31:6) attempting to balance yourself in a dream is symbolic of a stressful event in life or trying to keep yourself emotionally stable during turbulent times, Ps. 119:109 NLT 


Bald - losing your hair in a dream may symbolize not having protection from God, Micah 1:16 


Baldness - humility, weakness. (Jer 47:4-5, 48:27; Lev 13:42-44; Prov 11:1, 16:11)  


Ball - seeing or playing ball, completeness and wholeness; be more in tune with the inner child within.  watching a ball game = take more of an initiative. Your lack of action may stem from your shyness which you must overcome. Perhaps you are too over self-conscious. 
Ballard – bald headed (no wisdom or anointing) 


Ballerina – a woman full of grace, innocence, strength, and beauty, the power to dance through life’s problems effortlessly; highly trained and skilled to leap over difficulties in harmony with others, on point. 


Ballet – grace; procession of movement; elaborate formal technique, theatrical; conveying a story, theme or atmosphere; musical composition; a performing troupe. Expect a lot of grace to enter your life situations; learn to stretch your limits; an increased level of poise, posture and strong stature will allow a new stage of balance as you learn to get along with others; bend, flow and cooperate with others in harmony. 


Ballet shoes – your walk in life is full of grace and balance; quietly approach or enter a stressful situation with grace and ease; tip toe into a relationship; testing the waters.  


Balloons – Christians who although fragile in themselves are indwelt with the Holy Spirit which causes them to soar, rapid increase (ballooning at a fast rate), freedom, a person puffed up with pride. 

Ballroom - dancing; freedom; having fun in life   


Ball - symbolic of a person’s sphere of influence, 1 Cor. 10:13   


Balm - healing ministry. (Jer 8:22, 46:1) a symbol of healing for a sick or wounded person, Jer. 8:22 


Banana – very healthy food in many ways, digestion, potassium, energy, removes warts, stops itching from bug bites, etc.  look up.  Symbolic of a delicacy or good spiritual fruit in your life. Bananas are full of potassium which is salt, which is a preservative of life. Softness of heart. Smell – gentleness. 

Banana republic - symbolic of the countries of Guatemala and Honduras (a call to prayer) 

Band - a Bond of Captivity, a Subgroup; break evil, bind in unity, dance = freedom also  symbolic of collaboration and teamwork, Ps. 68:25 


Band aid - symbolic of trying to help a large problem with very few resources 


Band of Brothers - Rank & File   
Bandage - nullify with ointment and protect injured part; need to heal. Where is the bandage? symbolic of healing and recovery, Isa. 1:6 


Bandits - symbolic of a group of demons sent to raid someone, Hosea 7:1 

Bank – dependable, safe, secure, saved, certain as in you can bank on it. Reward reserved in heaven. Also Finances; barrier or Reward reserved in heaven; the church; storage; safe; safeguarded; security; protected; money changers in temple driven out. (John 2: 15; Matt. 6: 20; 25: 27; 21: 12; Luke 19: 23)   symbolic of investment and security, Lk.19:23 

Banner - standard exalted high. (Is 13:2) symbolic of victory in Christ, Ps. 20:5, and God’s love, Song. 2:4 


Banquet - See also Food, Cafeteria and Restaurant: Having plenty and being well satisfied with needs; affluence and luxury; abundance; joy and blessings; not regarding the Lord by partying; church; service; systematic serving of the Word of God; choosing what you want as opposed to receiving what you need; honoring guest; worship; celebrating victory. (Matt 25: 35; 32: 4; Psalm 19: 9-10; John 6: 27, 48-63; 4: 32, 34; 1 Cor. 3: 1-2; Heb. 5: 14; Ester 1: 3-12; 1 Sam. 25: 11, 36; Jer. 51: 34-44; Prov. 9:13-18; Is. 5: 11-12)    


Banqueting hall or table set with food - symbolic of fellowship with Christ, Song. 2:4. Sitting at a dark table is symbolic of ungodly activities in your life, 1 Cor. 10:21- festival time.  


Baptism - symbolic of becoming fully immersed or initiated into something, Matt. 28:16-20. Watching someone attempt to baptize themselves is symbolic of trying to work for or earn salvation,  Burial of the old lifestyle; total submersion in something; repentance; preparation for the coming Kingdom; death; burial; resurrection; inner conversion; overwhelmed by water or the Holy Spirit. (Matt. 3: 9; Mark 10: 38; Rom. 6: 9; 1 Peter 3; Acts 2: 17-18) 


Bar - Frustrate, Prevent, Restrain, Exclude, Block, Obstruct, Hinder, Reject, Forbid, Limit, Lock, Secure, Isolate, Shoal, Cake, Shaft, Rail, Rod, Key, Inn, Pub, Saloon, Tavern, Drinking Establishment, Prison; Cross Bar of Gate  Symbolic of a bad environment or being surrounded by sinful people and spiritual enemies, 1 Cor. 6:10  Restaurant / Bar, My Passion Is to Go to a Restaurant / Bar.  This Is a Place of Business; a Place Where Informal Deals Are Made over Food and Drink. 
Barack – lightening, first name of 44th president of US 


Barbarian - symbolic of a person that you cannot understand, 1 Cor. 14:11 


Barbecue - roasting food can be symbolic of feeling satisfied for a period in life, Isa. 44:16. Smell = Rhema word. Barbecue – bbq food can indicate the need to burn away the chaff or any other limiting factor that can be keeping you from consuming the Word God has prepared specifically for you. The need to relax and socialize or commune with others to share spiritual food in a comfortable, easy environment.  


Barbed wire - to dream of barbed wire suggests a hindrance to your movement in life 

Barbershop - See also Hair: Changing customs, habits and traditions, covenant of sins, religiousness; turning from wrong beliefs and strong opinions; the church as either a place of vanity, or repentance. (1 Cor. 11: 14; Lev. 19: 27; 2 Sam. 14; 25, 26; Judges 16: 17, 22; Is. 3: 17, 24; Song 5: 2, 11) 

Bare - Expose, Barren 


Barking - symbolic of a warning, Isa. 56:10. Barking may also be a spiritual enemy attempting to intimidate you 


Barley - Passover, lowliness, low reputation, poverty. (Ruth 1:22; Num 5:15; Hos 3:2; Judges 7:12). Smell = harvest.  


Barn – places of provision or storage where you can find what you need and give to others what they need. A ministry with a large anointing because they have room to contain and store, in order to give. Barn: Church; provision; place to stored up wealth; deliverance; workplace; security; plenty. (Du. 28: 8; Luke 12: 18, 24; Prov. 3: 10; Matt. 3: 12; 13: 30)-symbolic of a person’s stored wealth, Prov. 3:9. A barn can also symbolize a person’s life and property, Ps. 144:13, Jer. 50:26 


Barrel - a jar I.Ki.17.12; gun; 


Barren – land too poor to produce much or any vegetation.  A place or building that is bleak and lifeless. A barren tract or tracts of land. Sterile. Not productive. Failing to fruit. Producing inferior crops. Devoid or lacking. Lacking interest, charm, inspiration or ideas. 

Barrenness - productivity. (Ps 107:34; Is 2:5)  Unable to be productive for life of the Spirit; rejection; cursed; judgment; unfruitful; death of the Spirit; death of a ministry. (1 Sam. 1; Gen. 11: 30; Du. 28: 1-4, 15-18; Is. 5: 1-10). Barrenness – a curse; spirit of death; abortion; nonproductive; no offspring; childless; sterile; incapable of producing; unprofitable; barren efforts or field; lacking quality; dull; fear of rejection or losing one’s beauty or attractive appearance; godless, Job 15:34; Gen 11:30, Gen 29:31; 2 Kings 2:21; Ps 107:34; blessed, Luke 23:29; Gal 4:27. 


Barricade - protection, Song. 8:9 

Baseball – game competition, baseball cards – esteem for another person could reveal a soul tie. Baseball-symbolic of competing in the game of life 


Baseball Cards - Hero Worship: Esteem for another person (proper or improper)  (1 Thessalonians 5: 13; 1 Samuel 17:4)  


Basement – hidden things, behind the scenes, below the surface you can store things that are typically used in a soon time or you may use them often but irregularly. what you are doing is under cover you are not seen on the surface of things. Secret sin, put away or stored. 


Basil – mint family, also known as St. Joesph’s Wort. Anti-bacterial. Aromatic herb. Seasoning. Matt 23:23 Pharisees gave 10th of their spices. Warning to them. 


Basket - life’s provision. (Matt 10, 15:37, 16:9)  

Basketball - symbolic of the game of life. If the defenders are taller than you it symbolizes a spiritual struggle. If you are playing well it symbolizes a good season in your life. . Basketball – cooperative team work; ask for help that will assist to move a common goal to a place of achievement. Strategically plan your approach; focus to gain the support of others; you are mid-cort in the process. A hole in one, to hit the mark, to score, a long shot, dunk it, hoop shot, take your best shot,, a sporting chance, winning against all odds.  

Basket - symbolic of carrying a burden, Ps. 81:6. A basket can be symbolic of blessing and prosperity if you are carrying good fruit 


Bat – creature of the night, fear,  (bat-like creature) symbolic of a demonic entity, an unclean animal, Lev. 11:19. Bat: Night dweller; thought of to suck blood; unclean; flying creature often related to witchcraft and vampires. (Du. 14: 18; Is. 2: 19-21; Lev. 11: 19) 


Bathing - Cleansing; repentance; totally clean; temptation; purification; ceremonial cleansing; Jewish ritual, before performing duties of the priesthood. (Ez. 37: 9; Ex. 30: 19-31; Lev. 14: 8; 16: 4, 24; Gen. 2: ; 24: 32; John 13: 10)  sanctification; repentance; temptation. (See also, soap, washbasin, washcloth) (Psalm 51:2-3, Ephesians 5:25-26, 2nd Samuel 11:2, 3) Bathing-Cleansing: Sanctification; repentance; temptation.  (Psalms 51:2-3; Ephesians 5:25-26; 2 Samuel 11:2). Bathing-symbolic of cleansing yourself, Ex. 30:19-21. Also symbolic of a place of intimacy and exposure, 2 Sam. 11:2 


Bathroom - place to clean up from sin/wounds.  repentance, inner healing, going to the bathroom is wanting healing, cleansing, real encounter with Jesus. It is a place of spiritual cleansing, toxins are removed.    Condition of Bathroom: 

  • clean or dirty = reps your progress;

  • poop = sin  

  • clogged drain = sin    

  • No light = The blood    

  • Multiple shower heads = multiple rounds to get clean. Bathroom –

  • Going to bathroom in public = God is publicly removing toxins from you and everyone is going to know you are going thru a cleansing not only will they know it but every detail of your life will be exposed in it. Establishing humility in your life and being prepared for promotion. If you are clothed like with a coat it means your mantle will cover you but you are still getting detoxed so even in the middle of your detoxification people will still see your anointing more than your detox. Could also be symbolic of exposure or an invasion of privacy. 

  • bathroom is filthy it may be an indication of a dirty lifestyle, 2 Sam. 11:2 

Batman - to dream of being Batman can symbolize fighting against spiritual forces of wickedness, 2 Cor. 10:4-5 

Battering ram - to dream of a battering ram or siege engine is symbolic of being engaged in a spiritual battle, Deut. 20:20 

Battery Charger – renewing yourself daily in the Lord,  plugged in wrong = getting your strength from the wrong source or you have an area in your life that is wrong and needs attention and repair. 

Battleship - symbolic of heavy spiritual bombardment 

Battle - symbolic of the struggle to live a virtuous life in accordance with God’s word, Ps. 78:9-10 

Bazooka - symbolic of blasting your enemies with destructive words   

Beach -To Cause a Loss. If you are on a beach looking out at the water it symbolizes waiting for something in life. If you are walking or sunning yourself on a beach it symbolizes tranquility. A Beach can also symbolize waiting for the return of Christ, Isa. 42:4. Beaches often represent people, because multitudes are compared to the grains of sand on a beach (Gen 22:17)  Can also represent a time of recreations, especially if you live near it.  

Beagle – hunt by scent and followed on foot, deep throated voice, miniature fox hound, hound, open throat,  open wide, mouth, to scold, 

Beam - support rafter, strength. (Matt 7:3)  

Beans – money, jack and beanstalk,  green beans – life, growth prosperity 

Bear – cunning, shrewdness, stalk prey. Bear – cunning, shrewdness, they know how to stalk their prey. Bear – judgment, strength, color of bear will also have meaning.  Polar Bear – righteous on your behalf or negative going after someone. Attack against your finances and provisions. 3 bears beware it is someone who seems religious but there is nothing positive about bears in the bible. Bear: Evil men; danger (if one plays dead, a bear will not pursue them, so be crucified and die daily); Russia; wicked ruler over poor people, vindictiveness that is severe; antichrist of the last days; end time dominion and rule; financial matters as in: bear market. (2 Sam. 17: 8; Dan. 7: 5; Is. 11: 7; Rev. 13: 2; Amos 5: 19; 2 Kings 2: 23-24; Prov. 17: 12)  

Bear - symbolic of ferocity, 2 Kings 2:24 

Beard – maturity, adulthood, in scripture you started growing your beard the day you got married. Covering: Humanity; relating to the heart, rough unshaven face= spiritual neglect or uncleanness; coarse or harsh personality.  (Leviticus 21: 5)  

Beast - symbolic of an enemy or an arrogant person, Eccl. 3:18. Running on all fours like a beast in a dream may be symbolic of being powerful 

Beaten - if you are being beaten in dream it can be emblematic of a demonic attack. If you are being beaten on the back with a rod it can symbolize correction for foolish behavior, Prov. 10:13 


Beauty Shop - See Hair, Barber Shop and Women: Preparation; vanity; holiness. (Pro. 31: 30; Hos. 10:5; Ps. 29: 2; 1 Cor. 11:15) Church; service; systematic serving of the Word of God; choosing what you want as opposed to receiving what you need; honoring guest; worship; celebrating victory. (Matt 25: 35; 32: 4; Psalm 19: 9-10; John 6: 27, 48-63; 4: 32, 34; 1 Cor. 3: 1-2; Heb. 5: 14; Ester 1: 3-12; 1 Sam. 25: 11; Jer. 51: 34-44) 


Beaver - industrious, hard-working 


Becket – a device for holding something in place: as a grommet or a loop of rope with a knot at one end to catch in a eye in at the other; a

ring of rope or metal; a loop of rope (as for a handle).  Beckett – place name and also broken down it’s origin is Bee and cottage, shelter. 


Bed - your intimate self and discovery of your sexuality; sleeping in your own bed, indicates security and restoration of your mind. You are looking for domestic bliss and peace; waking up in different and unknown beds, then it represent the consequences of the decisions you have made; Going to bed with a stranger, suggests that you are making friends too fast. You need to be more cautious; sleeping outdoors on a bed means success; floating or lifting up into the air from your bed, suggests that you are feeling helpless and disconnected from those around you. Your ideas may be alienating people. You might need to tone down your personality a bit. Bed -Rest; salvation; meditation; intimacy; peace; covenant Layer, Sex; Rest; Salvation; Meditation; Intimacy; Peace; Covenant of Marriage; Making the bed – providing someone with peace, it is the ability to provide peace in the midst of chaos and anarchy. 
Bedroom – intimacy and rest, God is calling you to intimacy or rest or there are problems in this area. Devotional Life. -a place of intimacy, Heb. 13:4, rest, or privacy, 2 Kings 6:12. If a person is sick in bed it can symbolize a sinful lifestyle, Ezek. 23:17. A fragrant, clean bed is symbolic of righteous living, Prov. 7:17 

Bee - a swarm of bees can be a symbol of acting presumptuously against an overwhelming enemy, Ps. 118:12, Deut. 1:44 


Beer - a well, spring up= Nu.21.16,17; a call for abstinence/self-retrain Pr 31:4; God as our “beer-lahai-roi” (a well to the Living One Who sees me) Gen 16:14; a reminder that “don’t destroy yourself by getting drunk, but let the Spirit fill your life: Eph 5:18; Negative: deceptiveness of sin Pr 20:1; something that leads to spiritual debauchery, dissension and jealousy Rom 13:13; excessive indulgence; some boiling issues to deal with (a beverage made by brewing); the evil influence of heretical teachings (fermented with yeast); laid back in complacency; clouded judgment. 
Bees – blessing and provision or negative – attack. Bees: Busy bodies; gossip; group of people; can produce sweet honey, or sting and wound; enemies that crowd around us. (1 Tim. 5: 13; Judges 14: 8; Du. 1: 44; Psalms 118: 12) 


Beetles - a hard to kill problem 

Begging For Alms - When you dream about begging for alms this means that the enemy wants you to be poverty stricken. It also means that the devil wants your helpers to turn their backs on you.  symbolic of a curse, Ps. 109:10 

Belching - wicked words, Ps. 59:7 


Bell - Sign indication; change; God’s Alarm, Idol, Object That Summons, Bell-book-candle-pyewachet > Witchcraft; Sign Indication; Change; God’s Presence; Bells-Sign indicating: 1 change ( as in the times are changing) 2. God’s Presence (as in the manifestation of the Spirit..the gift of tongues) 3. Vanity ( when used as jewelry); pride  (Exodus 28:34; 1 Corinthians 13:1; 1 Corinthians 14:22; Isaiah 3:16)  -a call to attention or warning, Ex. 28:33-35. Golden bells are symbolic of ministry and holiness, Ex. 28:34 
Belly - When dreaming of a belly the bible describes this as being one’s own spirit or heart. Positive: Dreaming of a belly could represent one’s heart or desire for God’s will and purpose for their lives. Negative: A belly could represent in a dream selfishness and/or self-worship. This could also represent being spiritually sick or one’s lust after his own glory. -Spirit: Desire; lust; heart; feelings; selfishness; self-worship; sickness  (John 7:38; Proverbs 26:22; Philippians 3:19)  


Belt - this is symbolic of truth, Eph. 6:11. A belt is also symbolic of an attachment to something, Jer. 13:11 


Ben – Son of the South, Son of the Right Hand, Son, Blessed 


Benicio – benevolent one, To speak well of someone,  


Bernstein - Name Meaning. Jewish (Ashkenazic): ornamental name from German Bernstein 'amber' (from Middle Low German bernen 'to burn' + sten 'stone'; it was thought to be created by burning, although it is in fact fossilized pine resin). 


Bestiality - a spirit of perversion, Lev. 18:23 


Bestiality - Inordinate Lust: Unnatural, deviant sex acts ( as in oral or anal sex); obscene. (Leviticus 18:23; 1 Thessalonians 4:3-5)  


Beth – 2nd letter of Hebrew alphabet meaning in the beginning, House or Temple or family, God is oath, God is seven, a type of enclosure for keeping, safekeeping or containing  ranging from tent to habitat to palace does not denote a specific kind of building rather the function of container.  Betty - oath of God; God is satisfaction;  


Betty – oath of God; God is satisfaction; OT mother of John the Baptist (Elizabeth) 


Beverly – near the meadow of the beavers. Beaver stream; Beverly Hills – High end, cream of the crop 


Bible - to dream of the Bible is symbolic of the need to read God’s word, 2 Tim. 3:16 


Bicycle – individual ministries or callings. To ride a bike requires perseverance, human effort and commitment and balance.  Remember = just because you have a bicycle dream today doesn’t mean you’ll always be a bicycle, as you mature things grow. Can mean you are working hard to do what you are called to do and not taking a lot of people with you or having much influence. Start off with just who you are, exercise your faith and gifts.

  • symbolic of a person’s movement through life. If the bike has broken parts or missing wheels it symbolizes problems or troubles with the person riding the bike.

  • working alone in a ministry or business; powered by your own energy, strength and struggling in the flesh; trying to go with only manpower; not able to carry others with you yet.  

  • Bicycle, riding – a balanced life of work, spirituality and pleasure; striving to attain a balanced equilibrium in all areas, religious, social, and home life; trying to obtain the correct balance between give and take, obligations, responsibilities and leisure time; light and easy burden.  

  • Riding tandem – coming into agreement or alignment with others, more accepting of oneself or others, teamwork, joint effort will accomplish more in a shorter period of time.  

  • Falling off – fear of the future, not willing to move forward. Difficult – fear of being on your own; to see a bike: dedicate time to leisurely pursuits and recreation.  

  • Built for two – more than one person or family involved; you are accepting of others input or suggestions; teamwork, a team player. “can two walk together, unless they are agreed?” Amos 3:3 


Bigamy – one dreaming of committing bigamy represents a particularly complicated decision making process between two options; if one marries a bigamist; beware of dishonesty, fraud, or deception from those in close proximity. 


Big nose - great discernment 


Bigfoot - symbolic of a large problem in your life like depression or anger 


Bikini - Uncovered: Carnal; seduction; temptation; insufficient covering. (Isaiah 47:3)  


Bill – Resolute protector, short for William 


Billboard - a sign or warning marker, something you need to see and pay attention to in a dream, Isa. 8:1 


Bind - subdue, conquering. (Matt 16:19; Acts 22:4; Dan 3:20)  

Bingo - Winner or Correct: Sudden victory; correct answer, idea or understanding. (1 Corinthians 9:24; Matthew 16:15-16)  

Binoculars - Insight: Understanding; prophetic vision; future event. NOT Focused (Blurred) Without understanding; future event.  (John 16:13; 2 Corinthians 3:13) symbolic of seeing beyond your present situation 


Biohazard - to see a biohazard sign in a dream is a warning of deadly things in your life 


Bird - Holy Spirit; evil spirits; wicked rulers; nations that are hostile; Kingdom of God; a mother's love; God1s provision. (Matt. 6: 29; 13: 32; 23: 37; Is. 46: 11) Birds – enemy, pooping on you – attacks of the enemy, mistreatment, abuse, gossip, a messenger, Eccl. 10:20. Crows – eater of dead meat, thieves, murder.  Seagulls – mob mentality, gang up on you. Birds caged – to see birds in a cage can represent someone’s pet; or unclean, ‘fowl’ foul spirits Rev 18:2. Birds of a feather flock together – warning to watch the company you are keeping 1 Co 15:33, “Do not be deceived or misled: ‘Evil or bad company corrupts good habits and character.’” Bird’s vision – is the most highly developed of any animal. Birds, dead or dying – difficulties, disappointments, gloom, sorrow, sadness, sickness, despair, worries that trouble your mind; curses.  Birds eggs – new beginnings coming, fresh start time of incubation for new ideas, prosperous results, money; nurturing, caring for or protecting young. Hatching – represents new friends, successful beginnings that will require time, effort and work to grow an enterprise. Nest – with eggs symbolizes security, refuge to rely on or home, a prosperous endeavor or opportunity to develop a fortune. An empty nest represents loneliness, independence, or a new chapter beginning with great possibilities.  Singing, chirping or flying – the Fruits of the Spirit especially joy, peace and love. Harmony, unity and balance will bring a bright outlook on life. Receive the message of a new liberty and spiritual freedom. Remove burdens and weights you are carrying; cast your cares on Jesus. Parakeet – suggests a message is being conveyed from your subconscious and is being transmitted to your conscious mind; lack of spiritual thought.


Birds Eye View - Elevated; Perspective  


Birth (James Goll) - Normally these dreams are not about an actual childbirth but rather about new seasons of purpose and destiny coming forth into your life. If a name is given to the child, pay close attention because that usually indicates that a new season in the purposes of God is being birthed. While I say this, there are exceptions. I remember so fondly, when my wife was pregnant with our third child, Tyler Hamilton, that she had a dream that she gave birth to a little girl named Rachel. I told her that was a symbolic dream. But true to form, she was right and I was wrong—child number four came along, and her name, of course, is Rachel! Birth-symbolic of a new thing in your life, Isa. 42:9 
Birthday Cake-celebratory of a person’s life and growth. If the cake is half-baked or burnt it symbolizes worthlessness Hosea 7:8 
Bisexual – having both male and female sex organs; attracted to members of both sexes; may indicate sexual frustration, confusion or disorientation; seeing both genders as equal or the same; having gifts, talents or weaknesses that are usually associated with the opposite sex.  
Bishop (see Chess) 
Biting-dreaming of being bitten or biting others is symbolic of strife and quarreling, Gal. 5:15 
Bitterness-symbolic of the results of sin, Prov. 5:3 
Black – absence of Light or calling of light, your checkbook is in the black, undercover, able to move thru shadows without detection. Special forces, rebellion, witchcraft, God’s consuming fire burn to black ashes, 

Black is God’s THUNDERING VOICE creating beauty from the Ashes of Repentance. Black is saying “I need You God”, those ashes become fertilizer for the new, stronger growth of God’s wisdom and understanding, place where God hides His treasures, place where God says let there be light, backdrop for stars to shine, color of the pupil of the eye the part that sees, 
When dreaming of the color black the bible describes this color as being the presence and secret place of the Father. It also shows this color as being “comely” as in lovely or beautiful.  
Positive – This color could symbolize in a dream the presence of the Father (and Moses drew near unto the thick darkness where God was) or it could also represent a darkened beauty (I am black but comely). To dream of black hair this could symbolize being healed or cleansed in one’ personal life or ministry. Ps 18:9, 11, 97:2, Song of songs 1:5, Lev 13:37. 
Negative; dreaming of the color black could represent a lack of substance or spiritual nourishment as in famine. (Our skin was black like an oven because of the terrible famine.) The bible also illustrates this color as being the judgments of God because of one’s sin or deceitful lifestyle. This color may also denote being ominous or evil towards God or an individual in one’s life or ministry. To see sackcloth in a dream could represent a spiritual or natural mourning. Rev 4:5-6, 12:  Lam 4:8, 5:10; Jer. 8:21, 14:21; Ex 20:21; Zeph 1:16; Joel 2:2; 1 Kings 18:45; Nahum 2:10 

Black & White - Exposed, Easily Read lieral, also see onyx;  your past = leaving gray area, spiritual warfare, an object = someone who is telling you the truth; literal meaning; from the enemy; a bird = Hoopoe, hoo'-po; -poo (dukhiphath; epops; Latin Upupa epops): One of the peculiar and famous birds of Palestine, having a curved bill and beautiful plumage. It is about the size of a thrush. Its back is a rich cinnamon color, its head golden buff with a crest of feathers of gold, banded with white and tipped with black, that gradually lengthen as they cover the head until, when folded, they lie in lines of black and white, and, when erect, each feather shows its exquisite marking. Its wings and tail are black banded with white and buff. It nests in holes and hollow trees. All ornithologists agree that it is a "nasty, filthy bird" in its feeding and breeding habits. The nest, being paid no attention by the elders, soon becomes soiled and evil smelling. The bird is mentioned only in the lists of abomination (Leviticus 11:19; and Deuteronomy 14:18). One reason why Moses thought it unfit for food was on account of its habits. Quite as strong a one lay in the fact that it was one of the sacred birds of Egypt. There the belief was prevalent that it could detect water and indicate where to dig a well; that it could hear secrets and cure diseases. Its head was a part of the charms used by witches. The hoopoe was believed to have wonderful medicinal powers and was called the "Doctor Bird" by the arabs. Black & White – literal, also see onyx. Black &White  – could be speaking of your past because you are leaving that gray area, spiritual warfare, an object that is B&w could mean someone who is telling you the truth; literal meaning;  from the enemy; a bird = Hoopoe, hoo'-po; -poo (dukhiphath; epops; Latin Upupa epops): One of the peculiar and famous birds of Palestine, having a curved bill and beautiful plumage. It is about the size of a thrush. Its back is a rich cinnamon color, its head golden buff with a crest of feathers of gold, banded with white and tipped with black, that gradually lengthen as they cover the head until, when folded, they lie in lines of black and white, and, when erect, each feather shows its exquisite marking. Its wings and tail are black banded with white and buff. It nests in holes and hollow trees. All ornithologists agree that it is a "nasty, filthy bird" in its feeding and breeding habits. The nest, being paid no attention by the elders, soon becomes soiled and evil smelling. The bird is mentioned only in the lists of abomination (
Black belt - an expert in spiritual warfare 
Blackberry – smell = cleansing. 
Black cat-a black cat can symbolize evil or bad luck for many non-Christians and is a common dream symbol in many nightmares 
Black horse-symbolic of famine, Rev. 6:5   
Black hole - collapsing start that creates a void so powerful that it sucks everything into it 
Black Panther – very high level witchcraft and occult activity perhaps satanic activity. 
Black sheep-an outcast or misfit 
Black widow spider-a demonic spirit, Isa. 59:4-5    
Blake – light; dark or swarthy; son of Lake 
Blam, Interjection Denoting Sound of a Shot, Explosion, Etc.         
Ballistically     Launched     Aerodynamic     Missile 
Blanche - white 
Blanket - Covering, Protection, Mantle, symbolic of a love for others or covering mistakes, Acts 9:36 
Blast furnace-a hard life, worldly living, a person’s life before Christ, Jer. 11:4 
Bleach-complete cleansing 
Bleeding - Wounded: hurt, naturally or emotionally; spiritually dying; offended; in strife; gossip; unclean. (Psalm 147:3; Proverbs 18:8)  
Blemish- imperfections of human nature. (2 Peter 2:13; Lev 21:18) -sin or perceived flaws, Song. 4:7 
Blindfold-a spiritual blockage to a person’s ability to see the truth, 2 Cor. 4:4   
Blind-Ignorance: Unseeing; without understanding; foolish; self-justification and self-righteousness; hatred; sealed; unlearned.  (Matthew 15:14; Revelation 3:17; Matthew 23:26; 2 Peter 1:9; 1 John 2:11) without godly instruction, Prov. 29:18. Being blind can also symbolize the need for brotherly love in your life, 2 Pet. 1:9 
Blindness- lack of discernment, insight, ignorance. (Romans 11:25; Is 6:10; Matt 15:14)  
Blizzard-this is symbolic of blindness in a situation or resistance in life 
Blonde - Fair, Pale, White, Fair Haired=favored 
Blood in a dream where someone is dead means they are probably going to die.  
Blood Transfusion-Change: Regeneration; salvation; deliverance.  (Titus 3:5; Romans 12:2)  
Blood-a symbol of the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, Matt. 26:28. Washing in blood is a symbol of exacting vengeance, Ps. 58:10 
Blood-Life of the Flesh: Covenant; murder; defiled; unclean; pollution; purging; testimony; witness; guilt.(Leviticus 17:11; Deuteronomy 27:25; Leviticus 15:19; Ezekiel 33:8)  
Bloody water-emblematic of war, trouble, and woe, Isa. 15:9   
Bloody-a person covered in blood is emblematic of killing and death, Hosea 6:8 
Bloomers – about to bloom 
Blue – color of the Spirit, revelations, and communion with God, prophetic, Authority of God, Royal Blue = authority in the deep word of God, negative = depression, anxiety.   
Blue light – Jesus 
Blue - Issachar = Sapphire, Deep Black Blue / Dan = Jacinth  - Tligure - Ligure - Opal, Dull Blue == Throat, Express Self, Divine Revelation, Communion, prophetic; Spirit Man, Heaven, Sword of Spirit, Covenant Words, intuition, happiness; depression, anxiety  Blue – When dreaming of the color blue the bible describes this color as being one of the royal and heavenly colors. It also illustrates in the bible that the Lord told Israel to bid which means to put on the fringes of their clothing a blue cord to remember His commandments. The Bible also refers the color blue as being God’s spirit or word. Positive: This color could symbolize having a heavenly visitation from the Lord and the dreamer may receive a divine revelation through spiritual gifts. Dreaming of the color blue could represent being chastened by the Father, for the blueness of a wound cleanseth away evil. It could in one context mean water, to cleanse or to drink freely by the spirit. (If any man thirst let him come unto me and drink.) (II Chronicles 3:14; Numbers 4:5-7, 15:38-40; Exodus 26:1, 27:16, 28:8, 31; Esther 8:15; Proverbs 20:30) Negative: To dream of the color blue may also mean to be corrupted or dishonest through vanity and having idols before God. Blue could also mean being depressed (as in singing the blues’). (Jeremiah 10:8-9, Ezekiel 23:3-8) 
Blueberry – Holy Spirit revelation brings a renewed mind and healing; focused in the past; not wanting to grow up and assume responsibility; sad, depressed disposition, and distressed state of mind; Main; New Jersey. 
Bluebird-order, obedience, Jer. 8:7  
Bluffing-symbolic of not thinking something through, Prov. 21:29 
Blushing-symbolic of embarrassment or shame, Jer. 6:15 
Boa constrictor-depression or anxiety, a demonic attacker, Isa. 59:4-5     
Boar-devourer, a symbol of a curse upon your valuables or property, Ps. 80:13 
Boat - Craft, Vessel, Launch, symbolic of a vehicle for ministry or the way someone lives their life. Organizations or personal job or ministry, depending on the size of the boat 
Bobcat - Small Bulldozer, That Clears Ground; an Irresistible Power Used in Disposing Obstacles or Opposition; Wild Animal 
Bodies - soul wounds 
Bodine -  waggish, merry, sportive, dufus, anything that is wrong, having a misleading appearance, situations that don’t have a good outcome. Oafish mental midget.  shelter, one who brings news, herald, a messenger of God. 
Body – your health and wholeness.  How whole are you emotionally and physically? Are there areas of your health that need addressed? How about your emotional stability? Denial keeps us from bowing humbly in honest assessment. Your destiny can only be as fully realized as you are whole emotionally and physically. 
Body armor-this is symbolic of a well-protected Christian, Eph. 6:13 
Body Odor-Uncleanness: Bad attitude; filthiness of the flesh; rejected.  (James 4:8; 2 Corinthians 7:1; James 1:21; Ecclesiastes 10:1)  
Body-a direct reference to the flesh. An emaciated body symbolizes sin in a person’s life, Ps. 31:10 
Bodybuilder-a wise man, Prov. 24:5. Also symbolic of moral and physical strength, Amos 2:14. Bodybuilders may also imply people who intimidate you 
Bodyguard-a close spiritual advisor, a friend, and protector, 1 Sam. 22:14 
Bogeyman-a demonic oppressor 
Boiling water-a symbol of evil being poured out on people, Jer. 1:14 
Boils-symbolic of evil in a person’s life. If the boil is on their lips it means they speak with unkind words 
Bolton – settlement, house, from the manor farm, settlement with a special building. bolt-on= bolted on, an extra part of a machine able to be fastened on with a bolt of catch. 
Bomb – attack of the enemy or power (dunamis) of God. symbolic of something that will cause major problems or damage 
Bomber (airplane) symbolic of spiritual warfare or end-time wars. Military aircraft used to deliver bombs; messenger, warring angels; a ministry delivering bondage-breaking truths to believers who will then effect widespread change over their area and region.  
Bondage – Unforgiveness. Bondage – slave; surf; aspects of your feelings, self-expression, emotions and/or character are being controlled or repressed; being held prisoner in uncomfortable situations against one’s will; not wanting to take charge of or credit for your own desires; blame shifting desires to be more sexually submissive to others; fear of acknowledging sexual passions; Rom 8:21; Gen 47:19, 25, Pharaoh; Ex 6:9, discouragement, cruelty: Ezra 9:8, not deserted. 
Bones – dry bones Eze 37: valley of death, back to life, dead in sin but now coming to life, restoration, Bones-Spirit: Condition of the heart; death; that which is eternal.  (Matthew 23:27; Ezekiel 37:11; Proverbs 17:22; Revelation 20:12; Malachi 3:16; 2 Corinthians 3:2) symbolic of spiritual death and hopelessness, Ezek. 37:11. A broken bone can symbolize a wound inflicted by God, Ps. 51:8 
Bonnie - Irish; good; beautiful    
Bono – Good;  is a Latin phrase for professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment or at a reduced fee as a public service. Singer in band U2. 
Book- reading, eating of the book, human thought, divine revelation. (Rev 10; Ez 3).  Unable to read – seeing in part 1 Co 13:12. Without knowledge, wisdom, understanding, or insight; spiritually immature; disinterest in the things of God; reprobate mind; hardened heart; unbelief; spiritual blindness; soulish or earthly minded. 
Book Records; Wounds; Word of God; Craft - Bell, Book, Candle 
Bookcase - Holder of Wounds  
Book-of-life-to dream of the book-of-life is symbolic of God’s salvation or an invitation to accept Christ as lord and savior, Ps. 69:28 
Book-the meaning of a book can be ascertained by its title or the words written in the pages. If you are surrounded by books it can be symbolic of a love of reading and knowledge 
Bookkeeper – need to keep one’s life in a check and balance system of harmony; to be held in a state of high accountability; focus on the small details to prosper.  
Boomerang-something that will come right back to you 
Boot camp-symbolic of preparation and training 
Boot-symbolic of war, Isa. 8:5. Boots can also symbolize preparedness to give the gospel, Eph. 6:15. Equipping for a specific arena/circumstance – look at the style and type of boot for more insight; work, Fashion – may be appropriate or inappropriate for the environment, snow boot – to negotiate a cold spiritual environment. 
Boss-symbolic of authority. A boss may symbolize a parent, teacher, guardian, or supervisor 
Bottle- source of supply, sustenance. (Mark 2:22; Matt 9:17). Bottle= we are the bottles, pots, vessels, He is the potter we are the clay. Bottle-symbolic of the need to keep information secret. Symbolizes a source of supply or sustenance; Gen 21:14-19; Judges 4:19; 2 Sam 16:1; Psalms 56:8; Joshua 9:4, 13; Matthew 9:17; Mark 2:22; Luke 5:37-38. You have corked or pushed your feelings down inside, rather than freely expressing your emotions. The contents of the bottle represent the nature of the emotions, champagne indicates a need to socialize, a coke bottle indicated you are about to pop with excitement, a bottle of poison signifies evil thoughts, a wine bottle symbolize the Holy Spirit, joy and celebration, festivity with friends, fine dining, love, passion or sexuality (see wine). 
Bottle, empty – an empty bottle indicates that your inner resources have been exhausted or used up; tap into the anointing of the Holy Spirit to be refilled and refreshed to overcome draining feelings of emptiness.  
Boutique – small store selling fashionable clothes; a business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele. A shop within a department store. A small company that offers highly specialized  products. 
Boulder – could represent the Rock of God or an obstacle.  
Bow / Front - Tomorrow \ Yesterday – Back, rainbow      
Bow and arrow-the weapons of God against an enemy, Ps 21:1. If the bow is bent it means you are ready for battle, Isa. 5:28. Bow/Arrows-Words or persons: Accusations; slander; gossip; prayer; deliverance. Bow=Tongue;  Power.Quiver=Heart.  
Bowing-symbolic of submission, being burdened with work, or the cares of life, Ps. 145:14. If you are bowing down in a dream if symbolizes that you serve that person or object, Mal. 1:6 
Box - soul wound/sin; curse; coffin. Boxes are containers with four walls and limited space so they can indicate being “boxed in” limited or restricted by certain walls or barriers. Boxes are used to contain things, so your impulses or carnal nature maybe trying to escape or you are protecting, isolating or preserving certain aspects of yourself. To open a closed box represents a new present or gift being given, a self-disclosed discovery of something previously hidden or concealed. How do you feel when you opened the box, excited, apprehensive or fearful? 
Boxer-fighting, hostility, 1 Cor. 9:26 
Boxing-Striving: Preaching; deliverance; trail; tribulation. (2 Timothy 4:7, 1 Corinthians 9:25-26)  
Boy Scout-helping others, civically minded 
Burnet – a herbaceous plant of the rose family with globular pinkish flower heads and leaves composed of many small leaflets.  A day-flying moth that typically has greenish-black wings marked with crimson spots.  Word play = Burn it. 
Burt – that which is due or proper or meaning someone who has fulfilled his obligations properly.  Jewish (from Poland and Ukraine); variant of Burd. Also variant of Bert – meaning light.  Burd also play on Bird, i.e., bright eyed or active. 
Bra – support for nurturing others, sexy bra – equipped for intimacy versus inappropriately revealing self to others. Bra – to wear a bra may indicate one is in need of covering, support, or protection or being uplifted, ones nurturing mothering instincts are showing; no bra; no support, control or protection, one’s open sexual nature. 
Bracelet - betrothal, pledge. (Is 3:19; 2 Kings 13:14-19)  
Brakes do not work – tell God that you will drive the best you can in whatever He has called you to do. Lord you are in control. not able to discontinue a bad habit or change a tradition; no resistance to temptation.  Brakes – hindrance, resist, wait. Brakes-symbolic of needing to slow down or stop doing something 
Bramble- fruitlessness, curse. (Is 34:13; Luke 6:44)  
Branch - Is.4.2; Jer.23.5~33.15; Z.3.8;6.12;  River; a Division; Bank; Natural Development, symbolic of Christ, Zech. 3:8 
Branded-branding can symbolize having something permanently etched in your mind. Branding can mean that your mind is closed off, 1 Tim. 4:2  
Branding iron-symbolic of slavery, Isa. 3:24, 1 Tim. 4:2 
Brass – metal,  brass cover = covers for the altar in the temple were made from brass, poles for the altar were covered In brass, utensils for use in cleaning up the ashes. Ex 23:7 Make all its utensils of bronze--its pots to remove the ashes, and its shovels, sprinkling bowls, meat forks and firepans. High ranking members of the military.  Brass - sin   Brass: Judgment of sin; hardness of heart; Word of God; strength; Christ's glory; willful disobedience; judged; man's word; replacement. (Ex. 26: 19; Num. 21: 9; Rev. 1: 15; Is. 48: 4; Heb. 13: 10-13; Ex. 27: 13; 1 Corinthians; 13: 1; 2 Chron. 12: 10) 
Brazen face-symbolic of not having any fear, Prov. 7:13 
Bread – Word of God, fresh bread – fresh word, stale bread – stale bread. Bread Life or Word; Doctrine; Covenant; the Church. Bread, Moldy-Unfit: Tradition; without revelation; stale; defiled. (Joshua 9:5; Malachi 1:7; 1 Corinthians 5:8; Matthew 15: 2-3,6). Bread-Life or Word: Doctrine; covenant; the Church; substance; provision ( money, food, etc.) (Matthew 4:4; Judges 7:13-14; John 13:18; 2 Thessalonians 3:8; staff of life. Matt 6:11) this is symbolic of the broken body of Christ and the fellowship of friends, Matt. 26:26. Smell – fresh word.  
Bread and butter-something that will bring you guaranteed income.  
Breasts – the seat of affection and emotion; infant dependency; nurturing, caring, nursing; nourishment; being cared for; motherhood; children; sexual arousal and pleasure; feeling of exposure; invasion of privacy; anxieties about becoming a woman, wife, or mother; El Shaddai the Many Breasted One; Almighty God; Destroyer; Shekinah glory, abiding dwelling, habitation, presence, comfort, fruitfulness; fertility; birth; sustainer of new life; weaning; Jer 31:19, beating breast; ashamed, humiliated, disgrace; Isa 49:15, can’t forget, compassion, Breast augmentation: beauty; enlarging capacity to love and comfort; breast reduction; decreasing capacity to love and comfort. 
Breastplate- defense.( Eph 6:14)  Breastplate-symbolic of the righteousness of Christ, faith, and love, Eph. 6:1, 1 Thess. 5:8 
Breathe- active life. (Dan 5:23)  
Breathing fire-symbolic of destructive words, Jer. 5:14 
Brenda – Sword, Torch, Unforgettable Brand, time period of church attendance 
Brian -  Irish, English, Celtic King; noble; eminence, exalted one; attractive  
Bribe-wickedness, Isa. 1:23 
Brick – Hard labor Ex 1:12-15 or bondage, human rather than divine effort.  slavery and works of men, imitation stone. (Gen 11:3)  
Brick Wall – a hard and seemingly immovable obstacle  Isa 1:5.   
Bricks-symbolic of slave labor and hard work, 2 Sam. 12:31 

Bride – someone willingly entering into a covenant with someone else. We are called the Bride of Christ. A symbol of purity, belonging and giving everything to the one you love. If you have a vision of a Bride the Lord is calling you to an intimate relationship with Him. To put aside all your own strivings and works and let Him lead and be in control. Bride-this is the church, Rev. 21:9. To dream of a bride may also foretell marriage. See also Wife, Marriage and Groom: Covenant relationship; the church or the remnant; unfaithfulness or faithfulness in the natural things or the spiritual things; miraculous transformation. (Ephesians 5: 31-32; Hos. 1: 2; 2 Corinthians 6: 14; 11: 2; Rev. 19: 7-9; 20-22; John 21-10; Is. 62: 5) 


Bridal gown-symbolic of being prepared for marriage 


Bridal shower-symbolic of finding love or being celebrated 

Bridegroom – Jesus, if you dream of a bridegroom in a dead religion church means an awakening of the Bride, revival. -symbolic of Christ, Matt. 9:15 
Bridge - over what I need and what I get, Jesus meets me on the bridge; Connect, Cross, Link, Unite, Bond, Tie, Bridge-Support or way: Faith; trail (of faith); joined. Bridge-symbolic of crossing over to a new place in life A transitional life season, Jesus as our passageway to the Father, a peacemaker or intermediary, a ministry that helps people to move on to new levels in their lives, a ministry that brings inner healing, a ministry that equips and trains the body of Christ. A burning bridge – a broken relationship that will be very difficult to restore, leaving the past behind and moving on. Transition, season change.  
Bridle-a curse, stubbornness, Prov. 26:3. Bridle- control, restraint. (Ps 32:9). 
Briefcase-symbolic of professionalism and industry 
Briers-Snare: Obstacle; hindrance; trail; wicked person; rejected; cursed. (Isaiah 32:13, Micah 7:4, Hebrews 6:8). False teachings, punishment, prickles. (Judge 8:7-16, Heb 6:8)  
Brimstone-the judgment of God against the wicked, Ps. 11:6 
Brittle - aggressive, hard, unstable  
Broccoli - #1 food to combat uterine cancer  
Broken – a loss of strength, authority or influence due to a broken or wounded heart. 
Broken arms-symbolic of being powerless, Ps. 37:17 
Broken Glass – in mouth = don’t open your mouth you could cut yourself, guard your words or your words will cut. 
Broken pot-this is a symbol of someone who has died or passed away because of grief in life or having been crushed by sin, Ps. 31:12 
Broken window-this can symbolize having your peace or joy stolen by a spiritual thief, Joel 2:9 
Bronze gate-symbolic of imprisonment, Ps. 107:16 
Bronze wall-symbolic of strength, Jer. 1:18 
Bronze-symbolic of strength, Micah 4:13. Forgiveness, atonement; pride; judgment. 
Brook-a bubbling stream is symbolic of wisdom, Prov. 18:4 
Broom = firm stiff twigs or fibers bound together, shrub, cleaning instrument, to finish. Broom-Cleaning or Witchcraft: Clean house (put away sin). {manipulation and control} (John 2:15, Galatians 5:19-20)  
Broomstick-a person flying on a broomstick is symbolic of witchcraft and spiritual enemies fighting against you 
Broom-symbolic of cleaning out your life, Isa. 14:23 
Brosnan – dweller near river Brosna.  
Brothel – unrestrained financial indulgences will bring open embarrassment and humiliation; secretive planning, poor decisions, and lack of wisdom will cause destruction; sexual frustration or immorality; ruled by physical corruption and urges. 
Brother – could be literal brother, or brother in the Lord. Brother: See also Sister and Friend: The Holy Spirit; a spiritual brother in the church; yourself; someone who has similar qualities to you; the brother himself; can be disorderly, or in need of admonishment, or weak, or evil, in need, or can be falsely judged. (Hebrews 13: 3; 1 Cor. 1: 1; Amos 1; 9; 1 Cor. 8: 11-13; 2 Thess. 3: 6; James: 1: 9; Romans 14: 10-21; 2 Thess. 3: 15; 1 Timothy 5: 1). Brother-symbolic of Christ, Prov. 18:24, other Christians, or adversity, Prov. 17:17 
Brother-in-law: See also Sister-in-law: Same as a brother, yet under the law; minister involved in another church; yourself; the brother-in-law himself; adversity; someone who has similar qualities to him. (Esther 7: 6; Exodus 18: 17; Gal. 3: 5, 42-26; 4: 21; Romans 4: 13-15; 1 Timothy 5: 1) 
Brown – Compassion,  negative = Compromise, you try to please someone so you compromise your ethics in order not to hurt them. Compromise causes situational ethics and not ethics rooted and founded in the Lord. Brown - Stability, Reliability, Compassion;  Compromise, you try to please someone so you compromise your ethics in order not to hurt them; Repressed Personality or a Lazy Person.  Brown – When dreaming of the color brown the bible describes this as being dead, without spirit (as dead as grass is brown). Positive: This color could represent being born again in the spirit realm. It could represent repenting of all sins and iniquities. Negative: This color could represent in a dream being without God’s guidance or spirit. Brown also could represent being dead spiritually. (1 Peter 1: 24; Ps. 37: 2)  
Brownies-symbolic of love, fellowship, food, and family 
Bruise-to dream of bruising is symbolic of wounds from life’s trials, Job 9:17 hurt feelings. 
Bruyette - Top Drilled Crystal    
Bubble Gum-Childish: Foolishness; immaturity. (Proverbs 15:14, Proverbs 22:15) Bubble gum-if you have gum on you it can symbolize a tricky situation. Blowing bubbles may symbolize immaturity. Smell – childlike.  
Buccaneer-a hard-living and argumentative person 
Bucket - carry a bucket > improvement in situation;  filled > abundance, love, wealth;  empty> will overcome some loss or conflict; bucket list, death. Bucket – God will pour out buckets of water to water the seed. Abundance, container for milk or water. .  Bucket – container of the word or Spirit to cleanse, purify and refresh; servant; small – “a drop in the bucket;” a large blessing – “bucket full” 
Bucket-if the bucket is flowing with water it symbolizes prosperity and life in the spirit, Num. 24:7 
Buck-symbolic of a lover, fiancé, or husband, Song. 2:9 
Buckwheat – Smell = little rascals (term of endearment – childlike.) having fun.   
Buddha-to see Buddha in a dream is symbolic of someone who is filled with Buddhist religious influences 
Buffalo – word play, a city in New York state, to bewilder or baffle, or large shaggy-mane bison, intimidation, confusion, state animal of Oklahoma, something facing extinction. 
Buffet-life’s choices 
Bug bites-symbolic of misfortune, Deut. 32:23-24 
Bugs - Listening Device     
Builder-a person building something is symbolic of wisdom, Prov.  14:1 



Building – greater than what once was, new anointing. If it is run down it is always a negative or less than what it once was. Basic ministry, church or personal life situation.  Large Grey building = government (see grey). Building - monument to sin, Assemble, Pioneer, Erect, Fabricate. The church (Romans 12) the body is built up into one building. Also Church Building: The church itself; congregation; an actual service; life choices; edification; new body after resurrection. (Matt. 16: 18; 7: 24-27; Luke 12: 13-21; 1 Cor.: 3: 9; 16, 17; 6: 19; Col. 2: 7; 1 Tim. 3: 15; Eph. 2: 20; 4: 12; Romans 15: 2; 2 Cor. 5: 1; Hebrews 3: 4)


Buildings - buildings symbolize areas and places you frequent. Any place where people come together can manifest itself as a building in a dream  


Bull - a bull is symbolic of a strong enemy, Ps. 22:12 


Bulbar - or push bumper (also roo bar or nudge bar in Australia, moose bumper in Canada, and push bar, bull bar, or grill guard in the United States) is a device fitted to the front of a vehicle to protect its front from collisions, whether an accidental collision with a large animal in rural roads, or an intentional collision with another vehicle in police usage. They vary considerably in size and form, and are usually made of welded steel or aluminium tubing, or, more recently, moulded polycarbonate and polyethylene materials. The "bull" in the name refers to cattle, which in rural areas sometimes roam onto rural roads and highways. Studies have shown that bull bars increase the risk of death and serious injury to pedestrians. This is because the bull bar is rigid, and so transmits all the force to the pedestrian, unlike a bumper which absorbs some force and crumples Bulldog-tenacity 


Bulldozer - powerful machinery used to clear the land; pushed away or diverted from goal; feeling helpless, bullied; need to organize; declutter. Also clearing ground in life or tearing things down 


Bullet-a symbol of a malicious word or the word of God aimed at a spiritual enemy, Ps. 10:7. A blank or empty cartridge is symbolic of ineffective prayer 


Bulletproof vest-a symbol of protection against attack, a well-armed Christian, Eph. 6:11 


Bullfrog - symbolic of a demon, Rev. 16:13-14 


Bum-  an outcast or wandering person can symbolize a spiritual oppressor or being cast-out from the presence of God, Gen. 4:12   


Bumper sticker - symbolic of a position you endorse or message you propagate 


Bungee cord – insurance, stretches  


Burden - this can be a symbol for a person’s sins or anxieties in life, Ps. 38:4, Matt. 11:30. A burden can also symbolize other people’s problems, Gal. 6:2 


Bureaucrat - a difficult and inflexible person, Isa. 10:1   


Burglar - a sign of demonic activity surrounding your house and family intent on stealing your peace, Jn. 10:1 Burglarized-to have your property stolen or broken into during a dream is symbolic of a spiritual thief, Prov. 23:28   


Burning – Smell (good) fire of God. (bad) enemy leading to wrong direction.  


Burning coals - cleansing, Isa. 6:6, or kindness, Prov. 25:22 


Burnt Sienna - Orange dark Hue; Semi opaque in mass state; transparent as under-tone; mixed with Ultramarine Blue makes Burnt Umber Hue  Burping-symbolic of wicked talk, Ps. 59:7 Bus – carries a larger number of people, usually a ministry or church, journey 

Bus - this is symbolic of a large ministry for a Christian or the ride of life for a non-believer. An experience or undertaking of a relationship with a group of individuals or a company, making slow progress with a lot of systematic stops, hinders advancement. 1 King 12:18, 2 Kings 2:11-12, 10:16, Psalm 104:3, Acts 8:28-38, 1 Thess 2:18. School bus – process of being trained in ministry; season of testing; equipping; youth and teaching ministry.  Riding – going along with the crowd, lack imagination; need to determine the direction of one’s life. Moving – a church that is going places in God; Isaiah 66:20. Missed – take time to develop a clear plan for the future; gain control of one’s life. In Back - a need to step into your calling or destiny, stop watching life go by, get involved.


  • City bus – transport of various groups of business or ministry for the church or the City of God. Church bus – ministry of evangelism or outreach in the churchare on the move. Accident – an embarrassing mess with people; financial frustration; Church -group ministry, or business with great influence.  


  • Bus stop – a place to enter or exit during a season of transition in one’s waking life. You find yourself among others who are in the same crowded situation as you are currently experiencing. Moving into a new neighborhood or feeling like a stranger among unfamiliar people. Bus station- waiting on a new level of stage in one’s spiritual, deliverance, healing or natural life Deut 16:3-6. Standing – ready to step into your purpose at the right time. Tour – Christian sightseers; explorers; pioneers; pilgrims; sojourners; out for the fun; watchers, not doers. Waiting – brief setback in achieving one’s personal goals. Wrong bus – repentance is needed to turn around, head the opposite direction to succeed.


  • Bus Driver – how we give authority or respect to someone in a group when we feel more capable than they; leadership in some group idea or plan; collective power; going around in circles with little progress; to move forward be patient and less controlling; a school bus driver; by knowledge and learning in a  new situation you will advance rapidly in life.


Busboy - symbolic of serving others in a lowly fashion 


Butler (cupbearer) symbolic of a trusted position of service, 1 Kings 10:5


Butt - a hit; target; weapon; adjoin


Butter - symbolic of the blessing and friendship of God, Job 29:6 Butter-Works: Doing (or not doing) the Word or will of God. Deceptive motives, words, or works: smooth talker; deceiver. (Psalm 55:21, Proverbs 30:33, Heb. 5:12-14, Isaiah 7:15) Kind words that are insincere


Butterfly - hope, sign of, freedom, Butterfly-beauty or a socially adept person

(Psalms 55:21) animosity (Proverbs 30:33) walking in the favor of the Lord (Job 29:5)


Butterscotch – Smell – sweet perfect oil.


Button - hold together; attached; pushing my buttons  


Buzzard-a demon, Rev. 18:2 NLT

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