This is a rough draft of Lynn Hardy's collection of definitions. 

Abigail – the father’s joy negative – laughed at or ridiculed  


Abortion - When you dream of having an abortion at the hospital or at home it is a sign that the devil is attacking your greatness, your power, your spiritual strength and the vision the Lord has given to you.  An abortion may symbolize the premature death of a new thing in your life or the actual act of aborting an unborn child. (you will not see the fruit of your labor when an abortion spirit is at work in your life)

Abstinence – holding back, abstain from every form of evil, cursed or negative things, idolatry, sexual immorality; 1 Thess 4:3; 5:22; denying sensual temptations, drinking, sex, and any other over-indulgences or fleshly appetites; don’t put any confidence in the flesh by becoming overconfident; move slowly; flee youthful lust; 1 Peter 2:11-12, honorable conduct.


Abuse – We reap what we sow. Past sins will find you out if not repented of. Negative actions ignite negative responses in others. To observe physical, emotional or verbal abuse suggests a victim mentality from giving someone too much power in your waking life. God is our defender.  


Accountant – spirit of poverty, penny pinching, too much attention to minute details, calculating the cost, being objective in circumstances, re-evaluate, take a second look to see if the facts are adding up, prosperity.


Accounting – Dreaming of accounting indicates the need for getting one’s finances, life and actions in order. Accounting is the organizing written summation of business or personal finances in accordance with established standardized guidelines. This provides an overview of the current financial state of the person or business. Are you currently tithing in order to keep your heavenly financial status where it needs to be?


Accounts – to sum things up in your relationship or list monies in a business endeavor, to find missing funds stolen by an enemy; to compute, calculate a narrative or record exact events; you are greatly valued and esteemed as a person who can be counted on for excellence.  


Acid – Bitter; offense; carrying a grudge; hatred; sarcasm. Acts 8:23, Hebrews 12:15. Acid-a symbol of destructive words that burn long after they have been spoken, Prov. 16:27 NLT   


Actor - an actor can symbolize playing a role, Ezek. 5:2 NLT. To see an actor in a dream may also be the result of a desire to interact with celebrities


Ada - Ada is a feminine given name. One source indicates it originates from a Germanic word meaning "nobility". It can also be a short form of names such as


Adelaide and Adeline. The name also traces to Hebrew origin, sometimes spelt Adah - הָדָע,meaning "adornment".

Adam - Going back to Adam where he chose to sin. Adam knew better and chose to eat of the tree. Conscious decision to sin.  To Make; Ruddy skin.


Adders - spiritual enemies, Jer. 8:17


Admiral - high ranking officer of sea; General; symbolic of high command.


Adoption - symbolic of caring for orphans or being welcomed into God’s family, Rom. 8:15


Adulteress - symbolic of the path of death and destruction, Prov. 2:16


Adultery – Sin: idolatry; pornography (see also sex)  James 4:4, Ecclesiastes 7:26, Proverbs 30:20, Matthew 5:28. Spiritual adultery; actual adultery; sexual sin; idolatry; pornography.. (Gal 5: 19-21; James 4: 4; Ez. 23: 45). Dishonor of marriage vows. sexually explicit dream content is not from God. To dream of an adulterous relationship may result from fear of infidelity in a relationship. A God-given dream may expose a cheating spouse without showing lewd conduct, Ex. 20:14


Adultery – dreams of committing adultery or having an affair; is expressing voluntary sexual urges in a wrong way; sexual immorality; the ultimate rejection, death, self-betrayal; illegal entanglement in a situation not in your best interest; you, your mate, spouse or significant other is cheating; committing adultery; fears of abandonment; feeling of neglect; lack of trust; lust; lack of attention in the relationships; not meeting expectations of others Deut 5:18; Prov. 6:32, lack of understanding; destroying one’s soul; James 2:11; Rom 2:22; Luke 18:20; Matt 19:18-19.


Aging - symbolic of wisdom and honor, Deut. 32:7


Aglow - Luminous, Bright, Light, Radiant. Shining  


Ahmad – someone who is highly praised.  


AIDS - symbolic of the need for compassion on outcasts and the terminally ill, Mark 1:40-42. AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome; you or your mate has AIDS; need immunity from accusations; emotional integrity is being attacked; unable to defend oneself; a destructive, deadly relationship, wordplay: receiving help or aid from heavenly sources or earthly provisions.


Air – spiritual things, symbol of the Holy Spirit,  


Air Conditioner – Deliverance,  symbolic of a luxury, modern comforts


Air force - symbolic of high level spiritual warfare or a prayer covering for other Christians


Aircraft carrier - symbolic of support during a spiritual battle or a base of operations  


Airline Pilot – Jesus.  Or Self or someone in guidance position: if the pilot is a teacher in the dream, then the passengers usually represent the driver’s students, or people whom the pilot has influence or authority  


Airplane - Person or Work; Church, Travel; large growing ministry;  travel by spirit, flies in the air, spiritual destination, you are able to go to heights in the Spirit.  A large airplane like a 747 will likely represent a church or a large ministry. A small plane will likely represent a person or ministry. A Lear jet may represent a ministry because it carries more people or has more impact, it goes faster. On the ground – what you are called to do is not ready yet it may mean being prepared to take off. An airliner can symbolize a world-wide ministry for a Christian or a fast-paced lifestyle for a non-believer.


Airport – place of preparing and equipping ministries or getting ready to go.  The church; family; preparation; preparing to fly in the Spirit; delay; tarry; change; power over demonic forces; provision of nourishment, both natural or spiritual; image of approaching terror. (1 Kings 9: 26-28; Ez. 30: 9; Acts 27: 1-2; Ps. 48: 7; Matt. 8: 23-27; 24: 38; 1 Peter 3: 20; Luke 5: 4; Psalms 74: 13-14; Prov. 31: 14; Jer. 23: 22) an airport symbolizes departure from one place in life to the next


Alabaster Box - perfume vase, fragrance of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and brokenness. (Mt 26:7; Luke 7:37; Mark 14:3)  


Alarm - symbolic of being alerted or awakened to do something, Num. 10:5


Alaska – North to the Future, meant to represent Alaska as a land of promise.


Albert – noble and bright  


Alcoholic - an emblem for the road to poverty, Prov. 23:20


Alcohol - if you dream of drinking alcohol it can symbolize a current or former addiction to alcohol, Prov. 20:1 smell – spirit; Someone needs deliverance. Consumed in social settings and celebrations; relaxation; medicating pain. If Abused – healing or deliverance may be needed; foreign spirits are in control; addictive behaviors; if drunk – the person is foolish, totally out of control and will bring heartbreak, embarrassment, and disappointment to those around them Prov 23:19-35; Rom 14:21


Aldi – generic store without advertising, name derivative of Albrecht = noble, bright, famous.


Alesha – protected of God, defender of men, of a noble kind


Aleta – mythical goddess of truth; little winged one; truthful; Mom’s friend; escaped from coven;


Alex – Defender of men, protector of men, to ward off, to avert, to defend


Algiers – to eliminate the insurrectionists


Algum - temple timber, Jesus Christ’s humanity, red sandal wood. (Kings 10:11-12; 2 Chron 2:8; 9:10-11)  


Aliana – bright, beautiful; Hebrew – ornament; brightness.


Alien (space alien) symbolic of heavenly visitors. Aliens can be either demons or angels depending on the context of the dream


Alletta – foot loose; winged one; bird like


Alligator – large-mouth attack that defends itself with its tail. Lots of people will listen to what its large mouth has to say and if you try to come against it, it will defend itself with its tale about you. It is meant to take you down.  Looking you in the eye means it is waiting to see how you will respond. Evil out of the past can be from inheritance or personal sin: danger, destruction, evil spirit, Job 41:1,10 See Leviathan, Also Crocodile and Dinosaur: Bending; crooked; meandering; snake; monster; devious; distorted; ancient demon; large, evil creature that cannot be tamed with the natural strength of man; principality; evil spirit; ancient demonic control; only the Lord has power over; dragon. (Is. 27: 1; 51: 9; Job 7: 12; 26: 12-13; 41: 1-10; Ps. 74: 14; 104: 26; Rev. 6: 7; 9: 1-19; 13: 1-18) a dangerous person or a spiritual enemy


Allison – noble kind, of the noble sort


Allspice – made from berries of an evergreen tree, spice, enhance food,  


Almond - wakeful, hastening tree, Christ in resurrection.  (Jer 1:11; Num 17:8; Ex 25:33-34; 1 Cor 15:20-23). Health; gifts; authority; happiness; offering your best; diligence and hard work with result in increased production, harvest and profits resulting in wealth; God’s choice; success and financial gain; God’s faithfulness, awakening.  An almond tree is a symbol of God’s promise to perform His word, Jer. 1:11. The symbol of Christ’s resurrection; virginity; hope; watchfulness and fruitfulness; you will triumph over your enemies and live a long happy life.


Almond tree -  great riches, joy and satisfaction at home, wakeful, to watch and hasten; the first tree to wake from a winter's sleep; Aaron’s rod was from the almond tree; blossoms in January, bears fruit in March.  Smell – Authority; God’s Choice.


Aloes - symbols of fragrance. (Ps 45:8; Prov 7:17; John 19:39) a symbol of Christ’s death, Jn. 19:39 Smell – healing/comfort.


Altar - stone, brass, gold, death, incense, place of sacrifice and slaughter, high lifted up. (Ex 30:1-10; Rev 8:3; Gen 8:20; Ex 20:24-26; 2 Kings 11:18) a symbol of sacrifice, Ex. 20:24


Alwyn – wise, noble friend  also is another word for Iling.


Alzheimer’s disease – holding onto old memories; fear of letting go of the past; forgetting that which lies behind reach forward to the goal of the high calling; worried about being forgotten or forgetting important details, occasions, dates, appointment, events or people; warning of a loved one being diagnosed.  


Amanda – having to be loved, deserving to be loved, or worthy of love


Ambassador – authorized representative, brings unity and diplomacy, messenger from the highest authority; social or financial increase through influential friends or acquaintances, Interpreter 2 Chr 32:31; minister 2 Col 5:20


Amber - Presence & Glory of God in judgment, purification and sanctification; Ez.1.4,14,27; 8.2.  Hard translucent brownish-yellow, sometimes a glowing bronze fossil resin of pine tree. When dreaming of the color amber the bible describes this color as being fire, which represents God’s Glory, the brilliance of His presence and His judgments. This dream may also be indicating that the dreamer or someone in the dream is receiving a visitation from the Lord. Positive: this color in a dream could represent the fire of God revealing Himself in a more intimate and personal way. The bible also illustrates amber as being the color of fire which consumes or devours but will not burn. (For our God is a consuming fire.) Ezekiel 1:4; 1:27-28; 8:2; 2 Corinthians 4:6, Revelation 21:23, Hebrews 12:29.  Negative; The color amber could represent God’s fury, judgments and rebukes toward one’s ministry because of sinful nature and wicked heart (To render His anger with fury and His rebukes with flames of fire.) Gen 19:24, 2 Kings 1:10-14, Isa 66:15, 2 Thess 1:7-8Ps. 18:9, 11; 97:2; Song of Songs 1:5 Lev 13:37. presence and Glory of God in judgment. (Ezk 1:4, 27; 8:2) Smell – throne; invitation from God.


Ambulance – ministry of emergency care, to transport to place of long and deep care, symbolic of needing immediate help


Ambush - a symbol of an impending attack from an enemy, Prov. 1:11


Amethyst - 12 stones in high priest breastplate, royal priesthood. (Rev 21:20; 28:19, 39:12), Royalty, the reward of the Lord – Issachar (tribe)  


Amish - symbolic of trying not to conform to the world around you


Ammonia – smell = cleanse


Amo – Love in Italian and Spanish


Amorites – Sayer, meant to create inferiority and self-doubt. One of the giants in the promised land.  Whenever you walk into a room you feel like people are talking about you even though they are not and it causes you to be withdrawn and think more about what others think instead of what God says about you. Thinking that you are not as good as others and that God made a mistake when He made me.


Amphitheater – something that is going to be multiplied or amplified the context will depend on what is happening there.


Amplifier - symbolic of a loud message


Amusement park - fun and entertainment, enjoyment in life   


Anaconda - symbolic of a crushing problem like depression or anxiety in someone’s life. Snakes represent demonic spirits, Isa. 59:4-5    


Anal Sex – may represent domination, control, or wrongful submission through humiliation or abuse, infantile psychosexual development; sexual satisfaction comes through stimulation of the anus; personality traits developed during toilet training; anal retentive or anal-expulsive tendencies; wordplay: an intellectual approach to sex.


Anarchy - symbolic of rebellion, 1 Sam. 15:23


Anchor - security, hope, safety. (Heb 6:18-19; Acts 27:29, 30, 40).


Andrew - Derived from the Greek andreios (manly). The name is borne by one of the apostles. He was a fisherman, a brother of Simon Peter, a disciple of John the Baptist, and the first disciple of Jesus. He was known as a fisher of individuals.  


Angela – Messenger of God; Messenger


Angels - symbolic of God’s helpers and protection, Heb. 1:14

Angry - an angry person in a dream is symbolic of foolishness and pride, Prov. 12:16


Animals – represent people or demonic situations ex: sheep – people  wolf – demonic. Stuffed animals – for children (toys). Animals-talking animals can be demonic spirits posing as spirit guides. Running on all fours in a dream like an animal may represent a subconscious feeling of being powerful  


Anita – full of grace, favor, merciful,  


Ankle - When dreaming of an ankle the Bible describes this as having faith and receiving strength. Positive: Dreaming of an ankle could represent having faith in a certain situation or showing faithfulness in the church or one’s personal life. (Ezekiel 47:3) Negative: Ankles in a dream could represent in a dream a lack of faith in one’s spiritual life. This could also represent growth issues or an hindrance because of lack of guidance in one’s life.  Faith, if weak ankles, then weak faith; unsupported; undependable. Ezekiel 47:3


Ann – Grace, also a form of Hannah meaning He has favored me.


Annunciation - to Announce, Art of Making Known, Proclamation [Gabriel to Mary re Jesus - March 25th Feast Day -“Lady Day” ]  


Anoint - set apart divine appointment in service; prayer for the sick; sanctification. (James 5: 14; 2 Chron. 22: 7; 1 John 2: 20, 27; 2 Cor. 1: 21; Ex. 28: 41)


Answering machine - symbolic of collecting messages you need to hear


Ant - Industrious, wise, diligent, prepared for the future, organized, in order, nuisance, stinging or angry words. Proverbs 6:6-8 & Proverbs 10:5  Hard Working: ability to prepare; wisdom. (Prov. 6: 6-8; 30:25) Smell – new trails.


Antarctica - symbolic of isolation and remoteness


Anteater - symbolic of something that destroys what others have worked hard to build


Antenna - symbolic of needing to pay close attention or tune in to God


Antihistamine – counter effects histamine release in the body, prevent allergy attacks, vertigo & motion sickness. Drowsiness is a side effect. Histamine= Organic compound found in nearly all animal tissues, in microorganisms, and in some plants. Its release stimulates many smooth muscles to contract, such as those in the gastrointestinal tract, uterus, and the bronchi. It causes fine blood vessels to dilate and become more permeable, causing the runny nose, watery eyes, and tissue swelling of hay fever and some other allergies. Histamine appears to have a physiological role in the body's defenses against a hostile environment, since it may be released when the body is subjected to trauma, infection, or some drugs. Under extreme circumstances, the effects of histamine lead to exaggerated responses with distressing results, as may occur in some allergic conditions Stinging nettles and certain insect venom contain histamine


Antiques - Past inherited from our forefathers (good or evil) memories  Jeremiah 6:16. symbolic of sentimental possessions. Valuable inheritance from history, out dated, precious memories; very costly, collector items, old but priceless artifact Isaiah 42:9.  Good or evil inherited from our ancestries; recollecting or recalling the past.


Antlers - power, authority, past authority (if shed)


Antony - Priceless


Ants - symbolic of industriousness or tiny nuisances, Prov. 6:6. Ant bites symbolize misfortune, Deut. 32:23-24  


Anxiety – Feelings of worry, fear and apprehension are escalating in your waking life. Repressing negative emotions of resentment and anger will trigger a hostile response. Seek to remove pressure, added stress and responsibilities.  


Apartment - Lodge, Dwelling, a Part [Of] Separated, multi-family dwellings,  

Ape - a symbol of an overly emotional or beastly person


Apocalypse - a symbol of the end-times, Rev. 13:7


Apparel - man’s covering. (Isa 63:1-3; Rev 19:7-8)  


Apple – Guard my teachings as the apple of your eye, soul, pupil, dear to the Lord, His own, fruit, The aperture in the iris; the sight, apple, or black of the eye, En-Tappuah fountain of an apple, Fruit: Words; sin; temptation; appreciation (as in giving a teacher an apple); fruit of the Spirit.(Proverbs 25:11; Genesis 3:6; Matthew 12:33-34; Galatians 5:22-23; Prov 25:11; Joel 1:12; Det 32:10) Smell – beloved’s breath smells like sweet apples; freedom. Symbolic of forbidden fruit or something desirable to the eyes, Gen. 3:6. A golden apple is symbolic of wise words, Prov. 25. 11. Apples can also symbolize a time of refreshing, Song. 2:5


Apple tree - a symbol of the love of a husband, Song. 2:3


Apprentice - symbolic of learning to specialize in a field of work, 1 Kings 19:19-21


Apricot – also translated apple in bible, Fruit of the tree Prunus armeniaca, in the rose family, cultivated generally throughout the temperate regions of the world and used fresh, cooked in pastries, or preserved by canning or drying. Apricot trees are large and spreading, with heart-shaped, dark green leaves. Flowers are white. The fruit is nearly smooth and generally similar to the peach in shape but with little to no hairiness when ripe. Apricots are a good source of vitamin A and are high in natural sugars. Dried apricots are an excellent source of iron. Apricot-sharing love and affection with a romantic partner   


April fool’s day - symbolic of an impending prank or trick

Apron - serving others, 1 Sam. 18:4  


Aquamarine – tribe of Zebulun. His symbol is a ship that goes out into the deep blue sea and brings back treasures to distribute to the rest of the tribes.  Light blue speaks of ascent into God’s DEEP to bring back treasures of His Kingdom into this earth. Includes attributes of blue and green – the love of the Bridegroom for His Bride.  Turquoise – Spiritual Authority Ester 8:8


Aquarium - symbolic of being trapped or feeling examined


AR-15 (see Guns)    


Arab  -  symbolic of the Middle East and Islam


Archaeologist - symbolic of digging into a matter or hunting for hidden knowledge

Archangel - to see an archangel in your dream is symbolic of a matter of great importance being taken care of by God, Dan. 10:21

Archibald – Bold, Brave, Bald, genuine   

Architect - symbolic of heavenly wisdom, Prov. 8:30

Arena - domain, old sin  


Ark - place of God’s covenant, place where animals and people were protected from destruction. Ark/Covenant- throne and presence of God, humanity and deity in Christ, Mediator. (Heb 1:3; 10:12; 12:24)  God’s protection from life’s storms, Gen. 7:1


Ark of the Covenant - symbolic of God’s power, Ex. 25:10


Arkansas – The people rule, the natural state,  


Arm - spreading your arm - generous; caring; left side  - feminine nurturing qualities, Right side - masculine, daring, outgoing    Aggressively - need to protect your interests and show more assertiveness. lost your arms- feelings of failure, inability to take care of yourself and of others. Arm – strength and faith, savior, deliverer, helper, aid, reaching out. Left Arm and hand or leg = means what you were born or created to do. Right arm & hand or leg = strength and faith to do what you are called to do. negative = weakness, strike someone. Isaiah 53:1, Titus 1:7, Jeremiah 17:5


Arm - When dreaming of an arm the bible describes this as Jesus reaching out to help or show mercy. Positive: Dreaming of an arm could represent Jesus strength and His help in time of need. This could also represent being delivered or having victory over a situation. (Titus 1:7; Psalm 136:12; Isaiah 53:1) Negative: An arm in a dream could represent God’s anger or it could represent lack of faith and weakness in one’s life. (Jeremiah 17:5)  right arm is a symbol of God’s strength and might, Ps. 89:13, Isa. 62:8


  • Arms – your strength. For what are you sought out? What skills, spiritual giftings, innate genius have you discovered? Strength or weakness: Savior; deliverer; helper; aid reaching out (showing mercy); striker. (Isaiah 53:1; Psalm 136:12; Titus 1:7; Jeremiah 17:5)  


Armadillos – disease med level attack


Armadillo - symbolic of being well protected


Armageddon - symbolic of an end-times event, Rev. 16:16


Armband - a symbol of allegiance. The insignia on the band can give insight into the interpretation, Song. 8:6


Armies - good or evil, spiritual power and strength. (Rev 19:14-19; 9:1-13; Zec 6:1-8; Joel 1:4)  


Armor- divine equipment for warfare. (Romans 13:12; Eph 6:10-18). Armor-armor is symbolic of God’s provision of protection for Christians, Eph. 6:11


Armored car – The protection of God to carry valuable secrets from one place to another.


Armory -  a symbol of bringing stored weapons to bear against an enemy, Jer. 50:25


Army – spiritual warfare, the church, angels,  or evil army – demonic realm. Army-symbolic of a group of people with the same goals united for a cause, Phil. 2:25


Arnold – strong as an eagle, eagle power


Aroma - a foul aroma is symbolic of a spiritually dead person. A sweet aroma is symbolic of a Christian, 2 Cor. 2:16   


Arrival at destination - spiritual destination

Arrow - silent judgments, swift. (Ps 18:14; Job 6:4; 2 Kings 13:14) words, children; accusations; attacks of the enemy. Lies and deceit, Jer. 9:8. A poison arrow is symbolic of grief, Job 6:2-4 Words. Judgment. (Psalms 38:2; Psalm 64:3; Psalms 11:2; Proverbs 25:1;, 2 Kings 13:17; Isaiah 49:2)     


Art-symbolic of the beauty and wisdom of man, Acts 17:29   


Artillery - to dream of field artillery can symbolize a battle in your life or a need to bring out bigger weapons to win a fight


Artist - skill, beauty, Song. 7:1


Artist's paint - Words; illustrative message; eloquent; humorous; articulate.


Ash - complete destruction, Amos 2:1. Smell – burnt up, now clean.


Ashen - an ashen figure symbolizes death, Rev. 6:8


Ashes – memories (that which has been reduced to ashes remains only in memory); repentance; ruin; destruction Job 13:12, 42:6  Memories (that which has been reduced to ashes remains only in memory): Repentance; ruin; destruction. Mourning, sorrow, desolation. (Isaiah 58:5; Mal 4:3; Mt 11:21  Job 13:12; Job 42:6)

Asher - Beryl, Righteousness, Communication. Also a tribe of Israel, "happy one," a son of Jacob, also the tribe descended from him, also perhaps a city in Pal.


Asia - symbolic of Eastern philosophy and religious influences, Acts 19:27   

Asleep - refreshment, spiritual stupor, indifference, rest. Watchfulness, alertness, resurrection from the sleep of death. (Dan 12:1-2Acts 7:60; Eph 5:14; Romans 13:11)

Aspirin - symbolic of help and relief from pain

Assassins - symbolic of demonic forces with a special mission to kill, steal, and destroy, Jn. 10:10


Assault rifle (see Guns)    


Assembly hall - symbolic of a gathering of people who are similar to each other in lifestyle or beliefs, James 2:2, Jer. 9:2


Asteroid - potential destruction, Rev. 8:10 NLT


Astrology – pertaining to the works and activities of the fallen angels; idolatry and false worship Deut 4:19; desire to secure one’s future by worldly means; false predictions and prophecies Jer 10:2; involvement with the New Age or the demonic realm; demonically inspired teachings; deceptive replacement of Gospel truth. Astrologer – one’s perception or unconscious insights into oneself of others; a sense of destiny or direction. Pretended to prophecy future events by the stars, Isa 47:13; Dan 2:2, 27. Astrological sign-symbolic of pagan customs and influences, Jer. 10:2-3. Follow the God who created the heavens and starst, “Do not learn the way of the nations, and do not be terrified by the signs of the heavens although the nations are terrified by them; for the customs of the peoples are delusion.” Jer 10:2-3; Isa 42:8; Deut 4:19


Astronaut - symbolic of visiting heavenly places or seeing other worldly things  


Atheist - symbolic of a person who is unwise and without understanding, Ps. 53:1


Athlete - competing in life, 1 Cor. 9:26


Atkinson – Atkins food plan; Adam; red earth;


ATM - symbolic of trying to pull money from God or other people


Atom Bomb – power, Holy Spirit outpouring (the atom bomb is both a sign of the last days and a parable of God’s mighty power;) miracle power; sudden destruction  Acts 1:8, 2:17,19, 1st Thessalonians 5:3


Atonement- Calvary, wrath, redemption, appeasement of God’s wrath. (Lev 17:11-14; Rev 5:9-10)  


Atrium – light and growth from heaven, less visible. Are geared toward me receiving something, energy, healing, growth, light. Atrium - Open Roofed Central Court with Rooms or Galleries Opening off of It; Heart Right Receives Deoxygenated Blood; Receives Oxygenated from Pulmonary;   Montreal’s Chinese Wedding

Attack – to try to turn you away from God or His purpose, to wear you down,


Attic – past history or past issues or things you may have stored for the future but it’s a time when you’ll never know when you’ll use it. Could be bloodlines, generational curses, issues you’ve never confronted and have been sitting there dormant but could come alive.  Your mind. Thoughts attitudes good or bad, learning, spiritual realm. Acts 10:9-11 Philippians 3:13. Attic - Upper Room, Garret, Loft, symbolic of your mind, forgotten memoires, or the subconscious. Light from the attic is in an invitation from the Lord to a relationship with Him, a higher way of living. To be afraid when dreaming this means that you are worried about the changes that you will have to make for this.


Attorney – Jesus, advocate with the Father or someone skilled in debate, Lk.10:25


Auditorium - symbolic of a place where similar people are gathered. To find yourself in an auditorium with dead people or zombies is symbolic of having wandered away from the truth, Prov. 21:16-17


Aunt – A different church or ministry than the one the dreamer or dream subject is a member of, a false Church, actual positive or negative qualities of one’s aunt.


Auto breakdown - sickness, spirit of poverty, demonic attack, hindrance to one’s life, ministry, career, livelihood.  Crash/Wreck – strife, contention, conflict, confrontation, calamity, offense, mistake or sin in ministry as in a failure to maintain the right of way Nahum 2:4


Autoeroticism – self-gratification of one’s sexual desire; one’s thought life needs to be brought under control; warns of fantasy or not being in touch with reality; the arousal of sexual feelings without external stimulation; masturbation; stimulating one’s self to accomplish a goal even when others do not approve; word play: cheating or necking in an automobile.


Auto Mechanic – Jesus taking care of a ministry, fixing what is broken or a person sent to help you fix and get back on track.


Auto repair shop – ministries or churches that have storage or renewal or repair of people capabilities, dents, scratches, wrecks, not all churches are repair shops some are showrooms.  


Automobile – personal ministry, or job, or marketplace not necessarily a pastor.  Convertible – an open heaven, unencumbered vision.


Autumn – end, completion, change, repentance, Isaiah 64:6, Jeremiah 8:20. Autumn-time to work, Prov. 20:4


Avatar - symbolic of being controlled by someone or attempting to use other people   


Avocado - Best food to protect against cancer, due to high level potassium and low sugar content is avocado. It doesn't damage the 8.4 ph of our intestines or the villi "fingers", that absorb nutrition in the small intestine where most all disease and cancer begins.

Awakening: Discernment; attentive to wiles of the devil; watchman; sober; stimulated to act. (Eph. 5: 14; Rom. 13: 11-14; Is. 52: 1; 1 Thess. 4: 6; 5: 6-7; 1 Cor. 15: 34)   


Awl - ear-mark of the love slave. (Ex 21:1-6; Jer 51:20; Matt 3:10; Luke 3:9)


Axe - a battle axe is the word of God, Ezek. 9:2. If the axe head is dull it symbolizes the need to use the wisdom of God in a situation, Eccl. 10:10 Word: Gospel; preaching; exhorting others; rebuke; repentance  (Matthew 3:10; Proverbs 27:17; Ecclesiastes 10:10)

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